Tea Connoisseur

After lunch, we went to a place called the Tea Gallery, owned by one of Pastor Victor’s members. It is an Asian furniture store and tea gallery all in one. We ended up tasting some great tea. I am amazed at all the skill and technique that goes into preparing the tea.

I ended up buying some “green oolong” tea which is supposed to be good for your body and taste good. Even though I didn’t understand all that the tea was suppose to do for the body, I just trusted him because of his passion as he was explaining things to us.

This got me thinking about how passion is very important in life. It doesn’t matter what it is but as long as you are passionate about it, you can cause people to inquire. This is the kind of passion I want to exude in my life for the things of God and His Kingdom.
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Our tea connoisseur put so much attention to the preparation of the tea that it was inspiring.

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