Bird Watching

Christina and I had our weekly date-day (we try to alternate from a date-night to a date-day). After breakfast, we decided to take a walk. I have always believed that “older” people took walks together – but then, I guess we are getting older… HA!

As we were walking around our neighborhood we came across so many different types of birds. In fact, it was pretty fascinating. Now, I understand a little bit why one of our staff members (name to be withheld) is into bird watching.

We were able to see birds from all different assortments of colors. The best part was when we saw the white heron – it was pretty cool. Maybe bird watching and taking walks go hand-in-hand.
White Heron.JPG
The White Heron that we spotted
White Heron2.JPG
The White Heron decided to stretch and pose for us
The two of us.JPG
Who needs a tripod – we captured the moment with my outstretched arms.

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