Reconnecting with Alumni in Singapore 5.13.09

Even though I was struggling a bit with jetlag, I was able to get a few hours of sleep. Christina and I started off the morning by reconnecting with some of the alumni here in Singapore. We went out for brunch and just ended up talking together.

We also checked out a retreat center in the afternoon. With our Jakarta church planting team first flying into Singapore in July, we want to make sure that we first take some time to acclimate to S.E. Asia. Singapore is a good middle ground to make the transition. This retreat center is going to be a perfect place for us to recover from jetlag and prepare ourselves to move into Jakarta.

Then later in the afternoon, since it was Christina’s first time in Singapore, we took a brief tour of the city. For me it was like the 5th time, but I always enjoy seeing people experience something for the first time. Then we headed back to our hotel to get some rest… well, Christina did, while I was working on some e-mail and other various things.

In the evening, we meet up with some of the other alumni for dinner. It was good catching up with everyone over a meal. Then we walked around the city soaking in the city life. Singapore is an amazing city. It would great if we can plant a church here one of these days. It is an awesome city to have a base to launch other works all throughout the S.E. Asia region.

Then Christina and I closed out the night by watching American Idol. Yup, we couldn’t resist. Even though it was one day behind, we were able to catch the last episode before the finals. It is going to be a tough call – all three guys did a great job.

Tomorrow, we will meet up with some more people for breakfast and then fly out to Jakarta where we will be welcomed by more alumni who are living in Jakarta. I am just amazed at the generosity and sacrificial hearts of our alumni. They have displayed for us what it really means to be a servant of God. Christina and I have been blessed by all the meals and the time that every single one of the alumni invested in us so far.

You guys are awesome!
In front of the infamous water breathing lion – the pride and symbol of Singapore
It is always a joy reconnecting with some of the alumni in Singapore
It was cool seeing the Riady family donating money to help NUS Business School, one of the top universities in Singapore. This is the same family that started Karawaci, the city that we will be starting our church and UPH, the university we want to reach.

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