S.E. Asia Trip 2008 Update 7

Today, we went to Karawaci and met up with Dan over at Universitas Pelita Harapan. It is one of the premier universities in Jakarta. The great thing is that it is a Christian university. They have stated that they wanted to be like the Wheaton College of Asia.

We ended up meeting with the Vice President of the university and the administrator for the teachers’ college. It was exciting to hear the vision of the school and even their future vision for all of Indonesia. The best part was that they were using the same language that we have been using for the Transformasphere Movement. They believe that education will be one of the key pillars for transformation in a society.

We then went to the Business School of UPH and talked with some professors. One professor ended up giving us a session on micro-financing. It was hilarious because some of us were really interested and others were drifting away in their minds.

Afterwards, we met up Lew Belcourt. He moved to Indonesia with his family about 9 years ago. Lew had great knowledge about the situation in Jakarta. I ended up picking his brain about various practical things about living in Indonesia.

It was also great meeting up with Grace Liu. She just recently graduated from UM and now is living in Jakarta working in hospital administration. She took us around her home town in Karawaci. Once again, I am so blessed to see so many of our alumni placed at different parts of the world. The ripples are truly being sent out from Ann Arbor.
UPH and Team.JPG
Met up with the staff of UPH
Business Prof.JPG
We were getting schooled on micro-financing
Lew and Grace.JPG
It was great having lunch with Grace and meeting up with Lew Belcourt

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