S.E. Asia Trip 2008 Update 6

We rejoined the rest of the team today in Jakarta. It was good just catching up and sharing some of the things that we witnessed in Lampung to the other teammates.

Then we went out for dinner with some of the people that we have been building a relationship with here in Indonesia. They took us to a seafood place by the water. It was a pretty cool place because they had various types of seafood in coolers and you went around choosing which seafood you wanted. Then you tell them how you want it cook and it comes out ready to eat.

The group that we ate with is such an international group that at any given moment there are four languages spoken at once. It is truly transcultural. This is what I love about global cities.

After dinner we took a nice walk along the pier. I am realizing more and more that ministry is really about relationships. As we are seriously considering the future church plant here, I am reminded of the first years at HMCC of Ann Arbor (and Chicago and now Austin) that a lot of the ministry was about eating together and hanging out together. This is where good conversations are started and we are able to build some genuine community.

When we got back to our hotel, our team ended up just hanging out at the lounge with our coffees and sharing some spiritual warfare stories – crazy! But it was a great time of bonding.

Tomorrow we have a full day at Karawaci, which is an expatriate community on the west side of Jakarta.
Fish in Cooler.JPG
The seafood was just placed in these coolers… it was like a fish market at the restaurant
Rebi and Crabs.JPG
“Wow, these crabs are awesome! I can’t wait to eat them.”
Julie and Rachel with Fish.JPG
“We are more ‘wow-ed’ than you Rebi”
Team and Fish Tank.JPG
The team is willing and waiting to eat – hmm… they seem too happy
Outdoor Concert.JPG
Music is big in S.E. Asian countries. They had a live concert by the pier. It will be great to see some of the HMCC members do a live performance one of these days
Team and Host at Restaurant.JPG
Our group that ate at the seafood restaurant by the pier

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