Bulwarks in the Faith

I had the privilege of meeting Dr. J. Robert Vannoy. When I first heard his name it sounded so familiar… then I realized that he contributed to various translations of the Bible as well as various commentaries. He contributed to The NIV Study Bible and The Reformation Study Bible. He was also on various translation teams such as the New International Version, the International Standard Version, and The New Living Translation Bible.

The first morning’s exposition on 1, 2 Samuel was excellent. This is when you know a person has really studied the Bible and knows what he is talking about. It was truly inspiring.

Even though the time was short at the OIL Conference for me, I was able to fellowship with Pastor Min Chung from Covenant Fellowship Church as well as Ms. Kim. They are two people who have been faithfully ministering to college students well over 16 years. God is doing some great things in that church.

It is always encouraging to meet people who have paved the way for younger guys like me. May all who follow, remain faithful as well.
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