HMCC of Chicago Retreat Update 2

This morning there was a special visitation from the Lord during our opening morning worship. I really sensed that the Holy Spirit was working in the hearts of people as we were singing some of the songs. We just naturally busted out in some time of prayer and allowed the Holy Spirit to minister to us. It is too easy to go through a formula or even a set “program” – 25 minutes of worship, announcements, offering, 45 minutes of preaching, and response time. Sometimes God wants to mess up the order and we have to be willing to give up our agenda for His agenda.

I shared about the importance of transformative spaces – simply providing room for God to bring forth transformation in our lives. We had a powerful time of ministering to one another in our small groups.

We then took a group picture. I know, I know… we usually take it at the end of the retreat, but the scenery out here on Lake Geneva is so awesome with all the snow that we decided to do it while there was still sunlight.

I am looking forward to our last night of worship.

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