Global ACCESS Retreat 2009

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Tonight we are going to start the Global ACCESS (GA) Retreat. We started this ministry to international students because over the years we have noticed that more international students were coming out to our church. The needs are somewhat similar to any college student but yet they are very different because of the culture, as well as the transition of living in a foreign country like the U.S.

Over the years, we have seen many students graduate and go back to their countries. In fact, it has been awesome to see some of them being the “world-shaker and history-makers” in their country. Many of them are holding influential positions in society and they are shining the light of Christ.

Even as I have traveled to various parts of the world, it has been awesome to be able to reconnect with our international HMCC alumni. Every time we sit down over a good meal or for coffee, I am just amazed at God’s faithfulness in their lives.

Also, even as we start this international church in Jakarta, a lot of the leg work has been done by our alumni who are living in Jakarta. We wouldn’t have been able to do some of the things without them. I am so thankful for their partnership in the Gospel.

At this retreat, which is our second one so far, we want to continue to cast the global vision for planting international churches in various global cities. We are expecting great things from this retreat.

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