Kids’ Piano Recital

Yesterday, our family headed out to the kids’ piano recital. It was a great seeing them practice all throughout the week to memorize their piece. We were so proud of them and all their hard work.

The recital was made up of all the students of teacher Amber who is doing an awesome job of teaching our kids. In fact she is teaching several other kids in our church. Her patience and her passion for music are helping our kids to enjoy music.

The boys did a great job and Karissa stole the show by being one of the youngest ones there. It was great seeing her engage the audience (her bow after her performance was very natural). I guess she gets that from her mother 😉

It was interesting to see that many of the people who performed were Asian. Is it a stereotype that many families who get their kids into violin or piano are Asian? I remember my piano days when I was young. In fact, my older sister and younger brother hated it with a passion. We would fight who would practice first so that we can be the first ones to go outside and play sports.

But I am thankful that my parents afforded me the opportunity to play some instrument. I am also thankful that they did not force me to continue to play. After some discussion and trying to convince them of the wasted money, I was able to quit.

But now that I am able to use some of the music sense to worship God through praises, I am thankful for the introduction to music through piano. Christina and I have decided that we will not pressure our kids (unlike some parents who are very adamant about their kids playing). We will allow them to play until they decide that they want to stop or make it to American Idol – whichever comes first.
KiKi's Recital.JPG
Our youngest Mozart at the recital
Teacher Amber.JPG
Amber did a great job with all the students

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