From Lifestage to Lifestage

  I was refreshed this week as I met up with some of our church members. One conversation in particular stuck out for me. As I was meeting with the member, we talked about going through various lifestages; and he shared some of his perspective on “how” he decided to go through the transition for […]

Lessons from Pandora

Photo by     I love Pandora. For those of you who have not tried it yet, you should. It is free music on the internet. I always have it on as I am working on my laptop. In fact, I have about 50 different stations that I have created over the years. The […]

Should We Be Controversial?

Photo by NYTimes     Bill Ellis writing for ASSIST News Service wrote an article that asks the question, “Should the Church and its Ministers be Controversial?” Now, I know that there are pastors and church leaders who are controversial for controversy sake. They experience great joy from inciting controversy and “ticking” people off. Then […]

The Need for Evaluation?

Photo by Carmody Consulting     John Ortberg wrote an article for Leadership Journal that was pretty insightful. He addressed the topic of “evaluation.” It is clear that there are many people who do not evaluate themselves and their ministry. Ortberg writes, “Some people refuse to ask any questions about effectiveness at all, on the […]

Is Boo-ing Allowed?

Photo by Kentucky Sport Radio     Recently, one of my church members forwarded an article to me that drew my attention. The article is titled, “Why Not Boo?” It was written by Terry Teachout, a drama critic for the Wall Street Journal. He was writing how at the famous Metropolitan Opera House in New […]

Trip Out Chicago 3.15.09

It has just been about 24 hours since I landed in O’Hare airport yesterday, but already it has been an awesome time catching up with people and also ministering God’s Word. Yesterday, I met up with the leaders at HMCC-Chicago and re-casted the vision, as well as gave the leaders an update of the church […]

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