Twitter + Etiquette = Twitterquette

As you know, Twitter is taking over the internet. In fact, I find myself on Twitter more than Facebook and other social networks. My blog is second to Twitter when it comes to communicating things.

For some time now, I have not “followed” everyone that has decided to follow me. My thought was – “Are you crazy? How in the world are you supposed to follow every single person that follows you?” By the way, I still don’t understand how people who have thousands of followers, follow thousands of people.

But anyways, I was reading up on an old Fast Company article and they gave the “10 Twitter Etiquette Rules.” Number 9 states, “If people follow you, it’s polite to ‘follow’ them back.” Therefore, I am going to go against some people’s counsel of – “don’t follow everybody that follows you or you will get sucked up in the black hole of Twitterland.”

Now, I know that I might not know the people who are following me, but as long as they look legit, then I will follow them back. Also, I will try my best to reply to people, but I cannot promise you anything. My wife already thinks that I am an addict! I need TA (Twitter Anonymous).

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