The Chosen Vessel

  Painting by Muncie Indiana       This morning I came across a poem that reminded me that God is in the business of dumbfounding people. Sometimes we think we are smarter and stronger than we really are – talk about the need for a reality check. This is why, after all our calculations […]

Some Thoughts on Fasting

Ever since college I have made fasting a regular part of my spiritual discipline. It really has been a journey for me. The journey has had lots of ups and downs. It ranged from hating it with a passion to enjoying the time of purification and dependence on God. Now that we are fully underway […]


  AP Photo       I did stay up and watched not only the championship game, but I watched the post-game interviews and comments. There were the black strips for the eyes with John 3:16, the “I want to thank Jesus, my Lord and Savior” comments, but the thing that captured my attention was […]

A Leadership Moment

  AP Photo       As President Bush is coming to a close of his tenure in the Oval Office, he called together all the living president together with the president-elect Obama for lunch at the White House. Regardless of your political persuasion, what President George W. Bush did yesterday was a powerful illustration […]

Photojournalism at Its Best

There is something powerful about photos and pictures and how they are able to capture a moment in history. The famous phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words” is so aptly used to describe how a single picture can tell a powerful story. When a single picture is able to move me, then I […]

Lessons from a Life-Long Soccer Player

This past Christmas, our family and extended family all gathered together at my cousin’s place. I think their house was the only one big enough to hold all of us together. It was a great time of reconnecting with everyone, as well as enjoying a great home cooked meal – they always go all out. […]

Invested Sermon Series

        We are starting a new sermon series for this New Year. As the staff and I have been praying and thinking about this coming year, we came to the conclusion that we needed to start off this season of ministry addressing the topic of investment. We must never forget this principle: […]

Earthquakes and Indonesia

I keep on forgetting that the various islands of Indonesia are located in the infamous Ring of Fire. This causes some of the greatest volcanic eruptions, as well as strong earthquakes. It is recorded that majority of the earthquakes and some of the greatest earthquakes in magnitude occur in this region. Even today, in the […]

The Infamous Nigerian Scam

  KATU News Photo       Every time I hear or read about another “victim” of the Nigerian Scam, it drives me up the wall. First of all, the lure of $25 million dollars especially in an economy like this is pretty tempting, but I think it hits a nerve in some of us […]

New Year Goals

I have always been a firm believer in goals. The infamous quote, “Aim at nothing and you will hit it every time” always proves to be true time and time again. It’s amazing how a person who comes up with goals, writes it down, and takes steps to actualize it is the one that makes […]

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