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Tony Dungy made it official. He is retiring. After 13 seasons of coaching (6 years with Tampa Bay and 7 years with Indianapolis), he decided that it was time. He was so well liked and everyone spoke so highly of him. He ranks 19th in the all-time coaching list with 148 career wins.

With such an impressive record and only being 53 years old (which is somewhat young in terms of coaching age), why is he walking away from coaching? In this press conference, he shared that it came down to his desire to spend more time with his family and also to be more involved in ministries with troubled youths and prisoners.

In a day and age where a man is defined by what he accomplishes and obtains, Dungy’s actions speaks loudly – life is more than the toys that we get and the applause we receive. At the end we cannot take any of the toys with us.

This was a good wake up call for me.

I realized that even in ministry it is easy to “amass” things. But the scary part of it all is that we can mask it in the name of “doing ministry” or “serving God.”

With the death of one of his son about 3 years ago and with his other son in need of surgery, he just felt like it was time. After prayer with his wife, Lauren he felt like this was where the Lord was leading him.

What an inspiration!

It always takes more courage to walk away from something that is good, but as we trust in the Lord we will always receive something that is better.

You can read the ESPN article here.

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