Leadership Lesson: The Discipleship Cycle

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There is a principle that is espoused by many leadership and discipleship gurus.  It is simply –  I do, you watch; I do,  you help; You do, I help; You do, I watch; You now show someone else.  It is a pretty easy concept but many people fail to follow through on the principle.

Today, in the midst of redesigning my new webpage, this principle was put into motion.  I am thankful that we have tech geeks in our church.  Instead of having them do everything for me, I wanted them to teach me so that I can change things up by myself later on (if I have to).  Rather than having them catch fish for me, I wanted them to teach me how to catch fish so that in the future I will not starve in the technology world, so to speak.

At first we didn’t realize it, but as we were finishing off on the new website design, I noticed that we lived out this principle.  First of all, there is no way I would have been able to redesign the website by myself… it is just too complicated for an average guy like me.  Secondly, I watched carefully how the various codes were place in the website.  It helped that the person was talking through the steps as he was doing it right in front of me.  Thirdly, I started to edit some things by myself after getting the basics down.  But I still had questions.  This is when he answered my questions, looked things over and helped me to catch some things that I overlooked.

It was truly one of those “ah-ha” effects.

I was just thinking how the process of creating and redesigning a website is very similar to training up people to do ministry.  There are a lot of things that have to be learned through the discipleship principle.  As we begin to watch how our discipler is doing the ministry, we begin to catch a glimpse how certain things are done.  But we always need that person to talk us through the various things as well.  It is helpful when they are able to pinpoint things out for us and give us some pointers.

It is amazing how a lot of things in life are just biblical principles being lived out.

I told the person who helped me with the website, “Let’s both quit our jobs and start up a new business!” 🙂

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