The Beauty of Skylines

Photo by Richard Seaman
USA Today published an article called, 10 Great Places to Study Skylines of the World. The list was created by James Blakeway, who is the author of “Skylines of the World.”

I have always had a slight artistic side in me; therefore when that side mixes with my love for the city, it fuels my fascination with city skylines, especially at night.

Whenever you see a skyline of a city, you can’t help but to notice the flavor of the city. It is amazing how various shapes and sizes of the buildings can add to the beauty of the skyline. This is why there are no identical city skylines in the world. Each one has its own unique characteristic traits.

As I think about this, I come to reflect on the Church. It is interesting that each church has its unique shape (skyline, if you will). It is made up of various types of people, with varying gifts and talents. The different backgrounds and experiences of the people add a lot to the composition of the church. But at the end, it makes up a beautiful mosaic.

The church, which is made up of people and not necessarily a building, is suppose to be the city on the hill that cannot be hidden (Mt 5:14). What would it be like if we shined a little bit more brightly in a dark world… what a great skyline it would be.

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