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We are starting a new sermon series for this New Year. As the staff and I have been praying and thinking about this coming year, we came to the conclusion that we needed to start off this season of ministry addressing the topic of investment.

We must never forget this principle: “Whatever is important to us that is where we will make the investment.” Or if we put it another way – “Where we make our investments, it will show what is important to us.”

There is a lot of good talk in Christianity by Christian people. But nothing is more telling about a person’s worldview and values by just observing their actions. Some would argue that people are imperfect and have flaws; therefore we cannot judge a person just by their actions.

To this, I would say, “Yes, if we only had one opportunity to make a judgment call or even two opportunities.” But if we are able to see a person over a consistent period of time, then we can pretty much conclude that a person’s consistent actions consistently prove their character and values.

So often, we, as Christ followers love to talk about how important God’s Kingdom is to us and how important things of God’s Kingdom are to us; but unless we back it up with some action, then it is all talk – it just hot air blowing through the car vents on a hot and humid summer day (don’t ask me why I came up with that illustration). All I know is that it will be pretty infuriating if the air conditioning did not work on a 90+ degree summer day and all that was coming out of the car vents was hot air!

In this series we are going to talk about investing with our resources, investing in the vision, and investing in relationships. As we make the investments in things that matter to God, it is my prayer that we will see some awesome fruits flowing out of our lives.

We will always be tested when we are invested.

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