Married Couples Hang Out

In our married couples’ ministry, we meet up every week to experience biblical community. I realized that it is not easy to get married couples to gather together every week for small group, but it has been a blessing to see so many couples in our church commit to meeting together (Heb 10:25).

Out of the four weeks in a month, we use one meeting to just fellowship – translation: As we get older it is easier to just become homebodies, therefore we provide avenues for married couples to hang out and just chill together.

All the married couples’ small groups in our church do separate things. But once in awhile, we try to get all the married couples in our church together to fellowship.

Tonight for our small group activity, we decided to just eat together at bd’s Mongolian Barbeque. We had great food and great conversation. It was another way for us to connect together and to strengthen our marriages. Then some of them went over someone’s house to watch the game(s) – Redwings and Pistons.
Christina Waiting for BBQ.JPG
I got a picture of this beautiful looking woman waiting for her food
Covenant Sm Grp BBQ.JPG
Just some of the couples that were able to make it out to the activity

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