Photojournalism at Its Best

There is something powerful about photos and pictures and how they are able to capture a moment in history. The famous phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words” is so aptly used to describe how a single picture can tell a powerful story. When a single picture is able to move me, then I know that the photojournalist did an awesome job.

But it is hard to find people who are able to take these kinds of pictures.

There are a lot of people who love taking pictures and have even made a hobby out of it, but then there are those who do it at a completely different level.

How awesome would it be if we had more people who will be able to capture some of the “God moments” in history?

It is my prayer that we will see more people getting into photojournalism as a calling from God. They might just communicate more of God’s heart than a preacher in a pulpit.

As I was searching through the web for some pictures of our newly elected president, Barack Obama, I came across these pictures and it definitely inspired me. I am still amazed at how a single still-shot photo can move people. Check them out here to see what I mean.

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