S.E. Asia Trip 2008 Update 9

One thing I have been telling the team is that in Indonesia (or any part of the world) we have to learn to be flexible. There are so many unknowns that happen all the time that without being flexible, we will get easily frustrated.

As we were planning on going to a particular international church, there was this unexpected traffic. This caused us to run really late for the service that started at 10:45AM. So, as we were waiting in traffic, I found out that the other international church was close by and the service started at 11:00AM. So we decided to be flexible and go to the later service.

After the service we talked and fellowshipped with many of the single adults and expatriates. Many of them studied overseas and now they are back in their home country starting up their own businesses or working for their parents’ companies.

We ended up at a local café, which by the way was much better than Starbucks, and just hung out. I realized that doing a church plant from scratch requires relationship building. Sometimes the thing that we have to focus in on is just sitting down with people and talking with them.

Then we headed out to Louisa’s aunt’s place for dinner. Indonesians place a high value on family, therefore having all the family members together for a meal is very important. We had many members from Louisa’s family come out to eat with us.

Today, we are going to wrap things up here in Jakarta and start our journey back to the States. We will have a layover in Singapore for 5 hours. I am looking forward to heading back to the States. I can’t wait to share all the blessings that God has poured out on us on this trip.
3 Gen of HMCC.JPG
It is hard to believe that in this picture we have 3 generation of HMCC people
Meal at Halim Family.JPG
In my opinion, Louisa’s aunt is one of the best chef’s in Indonesia. She cooked up a feast for us.
Halim Family and Team.JPG
The Halim family has become like family to us
Quote on Coffee.JPG
This is a wise quote that was at the local cafe – “Actually this seems to be the basic need of the human heart in nearly every great crisis, a good hot cup of coffee”

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