S.E. Asia Trip 2008 Update 10

We spent a good portion of the morning just reflecting and sharing some of our thoughts from the trip, especially in Jakarta. It is always helpful to process some of the things that we have experienced in order to put the proper perspective on things.

We had our last dinner in Indonesia with Louisa and Engel; then we headed out to the airport. Now, we are in Singapore on a layover before we get back to Ann Arbor (via Tokyo and Seattle). Even though it is going to be a long plane ride, it will be good to reflect on the trip and spend some time reading.

I can’t wait to share with the rest of the church all the things that God is doing on this part of the world and all the things that He has revealed to the team.
Rebi and Rolls Royce.JPG
We rolled out in style as this is our last picture in Jakarta – we found out from the owner that it is a $1.4 million Rolls Royce. It is crazy to meet people who have that much money to spend… crazy!
Changi Airport - Men.JPG
The men are spending some time in reflecting and writing in their journals
Changi Airport - Women.JPG
Some of the women were journaling and resting

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