Kazakhstan Visit Update Pt 4

“Wow!” This is the only word that came out of my mouth as we had a tremendous feast – Kazakhstan style. We had food that we normally would not eat in the States. The Kazakh people served us everything from horse meat to a whole lamb (minus the head) that they roasted for 4-5 hours. It may possibly be an acquired taste!


It was a special night because one of Pastor Kim’s disciples named Edgar was commissioning one of his own disciples to plant a church. It was awesome to see Pastor Kim’s spiritual grandson and the power of the 2 Timothy 2:2 passage being lived out. The honor and respect that was given to Pastor Kim as their spiritual father and grandfather was quite an eye opening experience. This process of discipleship is lacking in many of the churches today.

I could not help but to notice so many leadership principles come alive in our 3.5 hours together. There are times when you just get amazed as you are in the presence of great leaders. Pastor Kim and his disciple, Edgar demonstrated key leadership principles that night that I was left awestruck – no wonder God is using them to bring transformation, not only in Kazakhstan but through all of Central Asia.

It is my prayer that we will see a greater passion for making disciples in our church. One of the greatest joys we can experience is being able to see your spiritual grandsons and granddaughters through the person that you have discipled.


Note: Please excuse the 2 Asian-American pastors playing with their phones… they look like internet junkies.

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