Just Got Back

It is hard to believe that we have been traveling for close to 40 hours in the last 2 days (26 of those hours were on a plane). But we are FINALLY home. Pastor Andrew picked up us from the airport early this morning. I don’t think our family was expecting us so soon because […]

In Between Airports

After the all-nighter and trying to pack at 3:30AM, we quickly rushed to the Jakarta International Airport to catch our early flight to Kuala Lumpur. After landing in KL, I had to still bargain for a cheap taxi ride to the main international airport. It bothered me this one taxi company had a monopoly at […]

Indonesia Trip 2007 Update 3

Our journey back to our home: Jakarta – Kuala Lumpur – Taipei – Los Angeles – DTW – Ann Arbor One of the best parts of going back home is being welcomed by 3 kids that we have missed so very much and a bed that will be beckoning me to sleep recovery.

Indonesia Trip 2007 Update 2

Today was another eventful day. We met up with Louisa’s mom and she showed us around a local market, where Christina finished off her Christmas shopping. Now I know where some of the name brand products in the U.S. are produced from. We then headed out to one of the universities in downtown Jakarta. It […]

Indonesia Trip 2007 Update 1

We arrived in Jakarta yesterday evening. It was great having Louisa and Engel pick us up from the airport. This is where all the HMCC alumni connection becomes a blessing. Then we all went out for dinner along with Pastor Young, Annette and Jim Sung, an expatriate who moved to Indonesia in July. He graduated […]

AMI Malaysia Trip 2007 Update 5

Yesterday, we spent the whole day at the historic Dutch and Portuguese quarters. As we walked around we were able to see some historical sites. We passed by the church where St. Francis of Xavier started. It was awesome seeing some other sites that dated back to the 16th century. But it rained like crazy. […]

AMI Malaysia Trip 2007 Update 4

It was an adventure yesterday as we arrived in Melaka and try to go out to eat. The taxi here is completely different. There are no taxis roaming around. You have to call into the taxi terminal and then someone will come but we found out that they usually wait until you call twice because […]

AMI Malaysia Trip 2007 Update 3

We finished off our conference and we now safely arrived at Melaka where we will have some time for R&R. Melaka is one of the most historic city in Malaysia. We will be spending a few days here before heading out to Jakarta. This day started off at 6AM with some of the men determined […]

AMI Malaysia Trip 2007 Update 2

On the 3rd day of our conference, we had two sessions that was lead by Pastor Young. He shared from God’s Word and the TLT ministered to the missionaries by praying for very single one of them. We also had a great time of lifting up prayers for one another, as well as lifting up […]

AMI Malaysia Trip 2007 Update 1

I finally found an internet connection and also found some time to write! First of all, it was THE longest trip of my life. It took us 21 hours to get to Kuala Lumpur – the 2 different layovers did not help. But we finally arrived on Monday afternoon. We spend the first evening worshipping […]

Malaysia and Indonesia

Today, Christina and I will be heading out to Kuala Lumpur to join some of AMI missionaries to have our first AMI International conference. This is something that we have been dreaming about and talking about amongst the AMI Trans-Local Team (TLT). As we see more people being sent out, we are trying to continue […]

Men’s Gathering with Robert Barriger

Even though it was a last minute request to have a men’s/women’s gathering with Robert and Karyn, they were humbly willing to serve the church. The men gathered together and were reminded of our calling as men. Once again, the truth was reiterated – “we are male by birth but men by choice.” Principles such […]

Christian and Christ-Follower Parody

With the marketing savvy of Apple, they have caught the attention of many of the younger generation. I think I will still be a PC guy (without the rigidity and blandness of course) because I don’t know if I want to “re-convert.” Believe it or not, I was a Apple person all throughout my college […]

Sacred Debt

Today I was reading Jill Carattini’s thoughts on “indebtedness.” I couldn’t help but to think about why it is a struggle for so many Christians to surrender and sacrifice their lives to God. We try so hard to muster up the courage and the devotion to be willing to give up everything to God, but […]

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