Robert and Karyn Barriger Visit

        Starting tomorrow, we will have the honor and the privilege of hosting Pastor Robert and Karyn Barriger at HMCC. Pastor Robert leads Camino de Vida (The Way of Life) in Lima, Peru. It is an awesome church; and they are doing some great things, not just in Peru but all over […]

2008 Christmas Wish List

Yesterday after dinner, the family and I worked on our wish list. I printed out the template that we use every year. The whole family has the freedom to write in their wish list whatever they want to… but we make it very clear that there are no guarantees that they will get everything on […]

L3 Part Three

We had another one of our Leadership Lesson Luncheon (L3) gatherings. We have been discussing and dialoguing about various leadership principles. So far we have covered the principles of influence and integrity; and today we discussed the principle of illumination. One of the biggest struggles for college students is trying to get a God-centered vision […]

The Gangster Life

Christina and I went out to see American Gangster for our date night. It was a pretty decent movie which tries to tell the true story of Frank Lucas. After the movie, Christina and I were talking about why people are so fascinated with the gangster and mafia lifestyle. We came to the conclusion that […]

A Joy-Filled Weekend

Today as I am reflecting on this past weekend my heart is filled with joy. It was great having our last ACCESS meeting of this semester and spending some good time in prayer for one another. Then on Saturday morning we had our separate Men’s and Women’s Gathering. I think there is something about a […]

The Trans-Cultural Church

Several weeks ago, I introduced a new term in our church in Ann Arbor and this coming Sunday people in Chicago will hear it for the first time. The term is, “The Trans-Cultural Church.” We have heard a lot of the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic church, but we are trying to create a new ethos within […]

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