A Joy-Filled Weekend

Today as I am reflecting on this past weekend my heart is filled with joy. It was great having our last ACCESS meeting of this semester and spending some good time in prayer for one another. Then on Saturday morning we had our separate Men’s and Women’s Gathering. I think there is something about a bunch of guys gathering together to talk about guy-issues that brings us together.

Then in the afternoon, our family headed out to The Lion King show at the Detroit Opera House. One of the small groups in our church blessed us with the tickets. It was a definite highlight for us this weekend. In fact, I am realizing how much more God really does speak to me through the arts and media.

In the evening, I meet up with the Sophomore class (Tempo). They had snacks and class t-shirt all ready for me. But the best part was when they welcomed with a “Soul-Train” line – incredible! At first it was a bit weird but their heart to honor me blessed me.

We finished off our Sunday Celebration series, “Atmosphere” with the topic of “Generosity.” I am convinced that whenever you are a part of a church or group of people that have magnanimous hearts it is pretty life transforming. I am praying that we will have people with sacrificial hearts, not only with their money but every single area of their lives.

Then we headed out to the baptism celebration. It was such a blessing to hear all the testimonies of life transformation. I am realizing more and more that life transformation is not only what God does but it is really a team effort by the community of faith. There were small groups that played a part and also various caring and God-anointed friendships… God is truly moving.

Since one of our members in the married couples group got baptized, we went out to eat with her family and some of our members. Then some of the staff rushed over to have another dinner (yes, “another dinner”) because we were celebrating Pastor Ben’s ordination from the past AMI Conference in California.

Lastly, I met up with the men that I am discipling. It is encouraging to see these men taking up the mantle of leadership and responsibility for protecting God’s house.

I am blessed beyond measure. There is nothing else I would rather be doing than what God has called me to do. This is truly the life.

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