AMI Malaysia Trip 2007 Update 5

Yesterday, we spent the whole day at the historic Dutch and Portuguese quarters. As we walked around we were able to see some historical sites. We passed by the church where St. Francis of Xavier started. It was awesome seeing some other sites that dated back to the 16th century.

But it rained like crazy. The monsoon season is not the most pleasant. It rains and then drizzles and then stops, just so that it can start up all over again. Christina, Hannah and I stopped by a local café to just chill as we waited for the rain to stop. We had the rain and the coffee but we were missing the opera music in the background 🙂

Then the rest of the team met up together to walk down the famous Jonker Street where they had the nightly street market. We just walked around through the local shops and then tasted all the various street food. There is something about street food that sometimes beats out the fancy restaurants.

Today as some people were getting ready to leave for the airport it was a bit sad saying bye. Even though it was only about 5 days of fellowship, there was a close bond that was formed between all of us.

Pastor Young, Annette, Christina and I finally got through all the customs and luggage fiasco and now we are waiting for our plane to take off. Thank God the airport has free wi-fi.
University of Malaka.JPG
This was one of the major universities in Melaka… another reminder about the important of universities in cities
Bike Taxi.JPG
Christina and I decided to try out the bike taxi – 2 miles per hour… haha!
Snake Man.JPG
The man was encourage us to take a picture with the snake… you know me and animals so I declined
Old Peru Team.JPG
The 3 members of old Peru Team – Dan, Pastor Paul, and Ailsa. It was great reconnecting.

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