Christian and Christ-Follower Parody

With the marketing savvy of Apple, they have caught the attention of many of the younger generation. I think I will still be a PC guy (without the rigidity and blandness of course) because I don’t know if I want to “re-convert.”

Believe it or not, I was a Apple person all throughout my college and seminary years (one of the few). But when I came to Michigan, everyone was using a PC. Since Apple did not have certain programs and the OS was not like what we have now, I was forced to convert. My idealist side gave way to my practical side.

Many of you probably have seen the PC guy and the Mac guy commercial. This one church decided to do a parody off the commercials. It is pretty funny thinking that there are so many Christians who view Christianity in the way the PC guy (Pharisee Christian) views it. It was a hit even with pre-Christians because they have experienced the negative effects of Christians that do not fully represent Christ.

Humor is a good way of exposing areas of people’s lives that magnify self-righteousness and pride.

Check out the seven different commercials here.

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