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I read a quote this morning that I think I needed to be reminded of… especially in this generation, where it is easy to get spoiled with things.

John Powell writes, “By afflictions, God is spoiling us [i.e., taking away from us] of what otherwise might have spoiled us. When he makes the world too hot for us to hold, we let it go.”

What a thought? – God makes “the world too hot for us to hold.”

As I am journeying through this Christian faith as a pilgrim, I am realizing that trials and suffering purify us. The fire of God heats up the things that that do not need to be there. The heat produces the dross so that the only thing that remains is a purified love for God.

For all you old school people out there, remember the song, “Undying Love” by Mark Altrogge from People of Destiny (now known as Sovereign Grace)?

Here are the lyrics:

Grace, grace to all who love the Lord Jesus Christ
With an undying love.

Give me an undying love for You,
Lord won’t You set my heart aflame,
With passion for Your name?

Give me an undying love for You,
Lord won’t You take me to the cross?
I count it all as loss,
Please burn away the dross,
So that nothing else remains…
But an undying love for You.

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