One Desire Fast 2010


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Today is the start of the One Desire Fast. As we enter into this 2-week period of fasting and prayer, I am expecting great things from God.

It is exciting to see many churches around the world committing an extended period of time throughout this first month of 2010 to fasting and prayer. There are other networks and organizations that are bringing people together for the purpose of seeking God. God is definitely up to something.

This year, since our theme is “One Mission. One Church” we decided to unite with all the HMCC churches and fast together, as one church. The focus throughout our time of fasting is succinctly explained in the acronym FAST: 1) Faith in God; 2) Anointing for ministry; 3) Seek God’s favor; 4) Turn to God.

I have been trying to remind our members that fasting is not a bargaining chip or a hunger strike. We are not trying to “demand” God to do something for us. But simply we are aligning ourselves with God’s heart and purposes. There is something powerful about denying ourselves of basic necessities, in order to bring our wills under the submission to God’s will. Instead of telling God what to do, we are simply saying, “I am wholly available to you, Lord; please tell me what You want me to do and I will obey!”

During this period of fasting, I am praying that God will increase our faith. So often we don’t reach our full potential because of our lack of faith. As our faith increases throughout this fast, I am confident that God is going to challenge us to do some incredible and extraordinary things. He will stretch us and make us go beyond what we can imagine and do on our own.

I am also praying that there will be greater anointing for ministry. It is easy to do ministry on our own strength and wisdom. This is why we don’t see a lot of fruits and we get discouraged. But as we fast and pray, I believe that we will become vessels in which God can flow His miracles through us. We will experience more of His power.

Another thing I am praying for is God’s favor to fall on us. All throughout the Bible, when we see God’s people fasting and praying in humility, God hears them and answers with His undeserved grace. We are praying that as God pours out His favor that there will be many opportunities for us to serve and glory Him.

Lastly, as we fast and pray, I am praying that we learn the habit of repentance and dependence as to turn to God during this time. We also notice that in the Bible that when people fasted and prayed, it expressed their heart of repentance and dependence on God. God also wants us to be at this place of “turning to Him.” As we turn to Him, we will see all of God’s greatness, goodness and grace.

HMCCers, if you have not signed up yet, please do so. Click on to the Global HMCC website and pick your specific sites and go to the link on the One Desire Fast.

This is going to be an incredible journey.

I cannot wait to hear all the awesome testimonies!
Let’s believe for great things to happen because we serve a Great God.

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