Doctors and Ice Cream Makers

This past weekend at our married couples retreat, Josiah got stung on the hand by several hornets while we were all canoeing (his canoe ended up near a hornet’s nest). It didn’t seem that bad until we saw his hand the next day. It was inflamed and began to turn red, so we hurried into the hospital to see a pediatrician. Our regular pediatrician was not there, so we ended up seeing any available doctor. To make a long story short, I just realized that not all doctors are the same. The prescription that the doctor gave was not ideal. We did not find this out until we saw another doctor today. Then it made me wonder – “how can two doctors come up with two different prescriptions for the same issue?” We also noticed how one was more passionate about what they did for a living. Please, I am not saying this in any disrespect to the medical health profession or to doctors. I was even thinking about how pastors are the same way when it comes to counseling and shepherding people.

Then we went to Cold Stone Creamery for some ice cream (our family’s favorite). I witnessed something there that reinforced an important principle in life. I could tell that the manager was not there at the time, but there was an associate manager. As we were getting ready to order our ice cream, I just overheard, “If you have clocked in, then you need to come out here and work!” Then, two people came out from the side of the store to take our order. After they mis-made at least two of our ice creams and I observed the attitude they had while making our ice cream, I was able to confidently conclude that they did not want to be there.

There is something to be said about people doing things passionately, whether it is a doctor or an ice cream maker or a pastor for that matter. When we do something because it is going to just give us a paycheck, then we begin to spiral down toward just mere existence. We have to know why we do what we do… and we have to do it with passion.

Josiah was so sad that he could not go to school due to his hand. I was thinking (to myself), “Kid, are you normal? What kid doesn’t want to miss school and just play?” But I realized that he is a kid that is just passionate about school. In the last couple of days, Josiah has had a championship attitude through all his discomforts. He has humbled me and reminded me that attitude makes all the difference.

But you have to check out his hand. I asked him, “What do you think about taking a picture of your hand and putting it on my blog?” His response – “Cool dad.” So here it is:

Josiah's Hands1.jpg   Josiah's Hands2.jpg
Please pray for him.

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