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It has been exciting to hear about some people coming to place their trust in Christ for the first time during our Sunday Celebration in the last 2 weeks. Over the years we have had people always feeling hesitant about bringing their friends and co-workers to our Sundays because they felt that it wasn’t “seeker-sensitive” enough.

But we are reminded that when the Spirit of God is in a place, He is the one that will move in the hearts and minds of people. God has been using the worship times and the bold preaching of the Word to convict the hearts of people. God has also used the warm and welcoming hearts of our members to create an inviting spirit in our church. I am excited to see what God will do throughout this year.

This coming Sunday we are starting a whole new series called, “Ethos.” The American Heritage Dictionary defines “ethos” as “the disposition, character, or fundamental values peculiar to a specific person, people, culture, or movement.”

What is the ethos of HMCC? As we are seeing more people come out to our church, we wanted to talk about specific values that define who we are as a church. We will look into the Scriptures to lay a biblical basis for our ethos and how it is lived out in our church.

The first part will cover God’s mandate for us to make a difference in various spheres of society. This is the calling that Jesus gave us to be the “salt and light.” This is the transformasphere movement.

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