Uganda Trip Update 3

I am currently using Pastor Victor’s Samsung i830 PDA phone which has GSM. This is allowing me to update my blog. In recent years, I have traveled mostly in urban cities where access to internet is not a problem. But in my trip out here to Uganda, it is hard to get internet access without a GSM phone which allows you to connect to the internet.

Today was a fruitful day as we talked more in depth about AMI with the key leaders. Pastor Victor, Pastor Young and I were laying down the foundation for the apostolic paradigm. The leaders had a lot of questions. It was good to hear their questions because we were able to discover that they were really listening and thinking through some of the paradigm-shifting proposals.

Then in the late afternoon we played soccer with some kids who are in a sports camp with one of the pastors at this conference. These kids who are around 10-13 years old were awesome! They almost beat a bunch of old pastors, but we ended up in a tie 1-1. Since I did not bring my gym shoes, I had to play in my sandals. I was going to play barefooted but then after stepping on some little pebbles, I decided to wobble in my sandals.

After dinner, we gathered for our last session. As we closed out our time, it was a blessing to hear some testimonies from people. They were really ministered unto by the Spirit. There was a sense of mutual edification in the room because the Ugandan people (there were some from Rwanda and Kenyan) ministered unto us.

This is how missions should be done – we, Westerners should not come just to give something, but we should learn how to receive from the people because they have so much to give to us and we have so much to learn from them.

Tomorrow we will have lunch with couple of the key leaders and see where they stand with the whole apostolic paradigm and AMI. Then we will be heading out back to the U.S. Once I get back to a better internet access, I will post up some pictures of this trip.
Rwandan Pastors.JPG
Two Rwandan pastors who went through the genocide in 1994 – their testimonies were powerful
Soccer in Uganda.JPG
A picture after our memorable soccer match
Ugandan Pastors and Leaders.JPG
Some of the key pastors and leaders in Uganda

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