Uganda Trip Update 2

On Wednesday, I was able to do some teaching on leadership. The people received it well. One thing that they kept on reminding us about is that Uganda is lacking in good leadership in all levels – the government, the church and even in the families.

We also visited a couple of churches on Wednesday. One of the key leaders took us to his church and gave us a quick tour. They are in the middle of a building project and they asked us to pray for them. Then we visited another church nearby and had a worship service there. Pastor Young spoke and encouraged the people with God’s Word.

This village where the church was located had a high rate of AIDS/HIV infected people. There were many widows, orphans and people who had the disease. It was a good time of ministering to them with God’s love and hope.

I have been enjoying all the meal times and the tea times here with the pastors and leaders because it is when I am able to hear what God is doing in their lives and in their churches.

We have one more day of teaching. I am praying that as we lay down the apostolic paradigm for the people here in Uganda that they will be able to catch a vision for something greater.
Ugandan Kids' Welcome.JPG
The Ugandan kids in one of the churches welcomed us with a song
Ugandan Worship.JPG
There is something about African worship that always blesses my heart
Young Preaching.JPG
Pastor Young preaching the Word – you can tell he was getting into it
Uganda Ch Response.JPG
People responded to God’s Word as many of them asked God to touch them

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