Man of My Word

Tomorrow I will be checking out of the blogging world for about 5 days or so because my family and my extended family will be going on vacation. With all my traveling, I was able to get 9 free tickets for the family. In previous vacations, I always brought my computer because I had to […]

Thoughts on “The Missional Leader”

        There have been a lot of talk on the topic of “being missional.” It is exciting to hear about churches that are living out their calling as the “church.” In the Greek, the church is known as the “ekklesia.” It is made up of two words “ek” (out of) and “klesis” […]

Thoughts on “The Urban Face of Missions”

        This book just confirmed a lot of things that were running through my mind in the last few years. Throughout my travels, I have noticed that the urban cities in the international scene were playing an important role in that particular country. Due to globalization and other factors, the cities around […]

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