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The Power of Words

I always get mixed reactions when it comes to creating new words. When we first came up with the word, Transformasphere, people were not that enthusiastic (maybe rightly so). But for me, I am all for it as long as it serves the purposes of trying to: 1) Communicate a vision or movement; 2) Help […]

1st Jakarta Church Team Meeting

Yesterday we introduced the Jakarta church plant team to the whole church during the Sunday Celebration. Then in the late afternoon the team came over to my place for our first meeting. It was great hearing from every person about how God lead them to apply for the church plant team. Josiah, my son even […]

Christmas Letters

        As we enter into this Advent season, we are going to start a 3-part series called, “Christmas Letters.” If you have ever received a personal letter from someone you love, you will know the power of written words. Now in the days of e-mails, Facebook, Twitter and other communication avenues, we […]

Church-Wide Worship Gathering 12.5.08

        As churches grow in numbers, it becomes more specialized and segmented. There is a ministry for children, high school students, college students, single adults, and married couples. As the members in the church get older, the need for a senior citizen ministry is apparent. Even though separating the various ministries helps […]

Trip to Austin 12.4.08

I am at the airport now getting ready to board the plane for my trip back to Ann Arbor. As I sit here at the terminal, I am just thankful for the privilege of reconnecting with the Austin team. It has been a fruitful trip. I was able to spend some time with the whole […]

Trip to Austin 12.2.08

I am making a short trip down to Austin to spend some time with the team. I am in Dallas on a quick layover. It has been about 3 months since the church officially started; and it is encouraging to hear that they are building relationships with pre-Christians and seekers. This is usually the hard […]

Christmas Tree Tradition 2008

Yesterday the family and I put up our Christmas tree. It is a special time for us. We crack up the Christmas music and start putting our “tree of the nations” together. Some years ago, Christina and I made a decision to decorate our tree with ornaments from different nations and cultures. In the midst […]

Thanksgiving in Lewisburg

Christina and I were talking and we realized that for some people it was a bit weird when they heard that we were going to spend Thanksgiving with former members. But we have built a great relationship with them over the years. In fact, they were the first couple that we married in our church. […]

The Madness of Black Friday

In the last two years, Christina and I have participated in the Black Friday madness. We have been able to get some good deals last year, but this year we decided to take a break from all the madness. It might be rooted in a slight protest from all the consumerism. In fact, the last […]

Oh the Power of Twitter

We need to be in prayer for the situation in Mumbai, India. It is just humbling and heartbreaking when some of the craziness is happening in places that you have visited before the bombing. Here is a story on the power of Twitter

2008 Thanksgiving Reflections

Recently, I read an interesting reflection by Jill Carattini, who is a managing editor for a Ravi Zacharias International Ministries newsletter. She writes, “To our grumbling prone lips, these words are quite revealing. If being thankful is by nature being aware and appreciative of things beyond ourselves, complaining is refusing to see anything but ourselves. […]

Writing My Paper

I have been afforded a couple of days by my family to make some progress on my dissertation. I have locked myself in a hotel room and I do not plan on coming out until I have accomplished some of my goals. It is my hope that I can continue to make advancement on this […]

Chicago Trip 11.22.08

I just arrived to Chicago late night. Wow… it was probably the fastest plane ride to Chicago in all my years of flying. The pilot got us to Chicago in 40 minutes!! It is usually a 53 minute ride. I knew something was different because when we approached Chicago, the pilot had to slow down […]

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