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Valentine’s Day 2009

  Reuters Photo       There were a lot of people out and about today. Many of them were paired up together. Even at the seafood restaurant where I took Christina, people were coming in as pairs. I have always wondered why it takes a day called Valentine’s Day to remind couples of their […]

What Not to Do in an Interview

Last night on David Letterman, Joaquin Phoenix came on to do an interview about his new movie, Two Lovers. This is probably the most hilarious interview on Letterman or any talk show for that matter. In the day-after, people are saying that he was on “something” therefore could not be coherent or functional. When I […]

Call + Response

        I am so proud of our guys. Some of them decided to take a step of faith and “try” something different than the normal “Praise Night” that we have been having for the last 12 years to reach out to people. With this generation being the most activist or “caused-oriented” generation […]

2009 HMCC of Austin Retreat

It has been a great weekend here in Austin. HMCC of Austin had their first ever congregational retreat. They decided to contextualize it for the many pre-Christians who came out (over half of the people were not believers) and called it the Winter Getaway. It was truly an awesome getaway – we were able to […]

Super Bowl Ads

Was it just me or were there more commercials that had sexual innuendos in this year’s Super Bowl than ever before? It is getting harder and harder to try to protect my children from the rampant sexual culture we are living in right now, and for some reason there are a lot more of it […]

A Different Standard?

        Michael Phelps, the Olympic swimmer has recently apologized for a photograph that showed him using marijuana. Phelps has acknowledged that his behavior was inappropriate and wrote a public statement (probably by a good PR agent), in which he said, “I engaged in behavior which was regrettable and demonstrated bad judgment. I’m […]

Retreat in Cincinnati

I just came back from a retreat. I brought one of the guys on the worship team with me to help out with leading worship. It was a great experience for the both of us. We ended up ministering to a small group of leaders who are serving in the inner city of Cincinnati. It […]

How to Have a Productive Day

        Not everyone has a type-A personality; therefore trying to make each daily productive and fruitful is no small task. Over the years I have learned some principles that has helped me stay focus and get as much done as possible with the strength that the Lord provides. Here are the 6 […]

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