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Pre-Programmed Answers

Recently, I changed my text messaging plan on my PDA cell phone. With the increase usage of text messaging, I ended up getting a better plan so that I would not be constrained by a limited amount of text throughout the month. I don’t know if any of you have noticed that a lot of […]

Punished for Winning?

I had a question: “Should a person or a team be punished for winning?” Oh, I forgot to mention one pertinent information… the final score was 100 to 0. This is the gist of what happened: 1) A women’s basketball game between 2 private high schools 2) The Christian private school won 100-0 3) The […]

Rewired Sermon Series

        This series is a by-product of many months and weeks of discussion with the pastoral staff, as well as with the church staff. In all my counseling session, I have noticed that there is always a common thread to a lot of the problems that people were facing – an incorrect […]

The Burden of One Man

  AP Photo       Yesterday’s inaugural ceremony was pretty impressive. You can truly feel that something incredible was happening. Not only was history was being made, but there was a sense of unity in the National Mall. In all the news reports and even on the radio, people were commenting about how things […]

MLK 2009

This year’s Martin Luther King, Jr’s celebration will be like none other. It is amazing how key moments in history intersect with current events. With the inauguration of our first African-American president tomorrow, King’s dream of equality and freedom is becoming a reality. Who would have ever imagined that on the nation’s capital, where King […]

The Chosen Vessel

  Painting by Muncie Indiana       This morning I came across a poem that reminded me that God is in the business of dumbfounding people. Sometimes we think we are smarter and stronger than we really are – talk about the need for a reality check. This is why, after all our calculations […]

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