The Burden of One Man

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Yesterday’s inaugural ceremony was pretty impressive. You can truly feel that something incredible was happening. Not only was history was being made, but there was a sense of unity in the National Mall. In all the news reports and even on the radio, people were commenting about how things felt so different. Words such as, “emotional, energy, and enthusiasm” were constantly used by the news reporters.

Christina and I also watched a little bit of the now infamous “Neighborhood Inaugural Ball.” You really sensed that something was different about this president. What other president had a “Neighborhood Inaugural Ball”? What other president went against the flow and helped people to understand that this election was not about him but more about people by throwing a ball for the “common folks.”
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Even seeing the Hollywood stars come out in droves, it reminded me that he is a very well liked president. After seeing some of the great music entertainers perform and even as some of them shed tears of joy and watching some of the people (the inaugural ball participants), it really made me think.

I have concluded that people have very high hopes. People long for change. People are putting all their trust in one man to carry them to their destiny.

This is a burden that President Obama has to carry.

Call it what you want to – whether it is all the hysteria or hype – but the reality is that no one-person can do everything. There is no one who knows this better than President Obama. In many of his greetings at the various balls, he kept on emphasizing the importance of how change is going to happen when the people do their part. Translation = “I am not the savior, all of you will have to participate to bring forth the change that we all envisioned together.”

Many people who are public figures will always have to deal with this.

People love to “look up” to other people, especially if they embody something that believe in and desire to be a part of. But one of the dangers of this is that we can set ourselves for a letdown. This is why seeing people in the proper perspective is so essential. But most importantly, it is vital that people come to the conclusion that there is only one person who is able to meet all our expectations and who will never disappoint us.

May people see our lives and see the One that deserves all the attention and glory.

“Not to us, O LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.” (Ps 115:1)

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