Christmas Tree Tradition 2008

Yesterday the family and I put up our Christmas tree. It is a special time for us. We crack up the Christmas music and start putting our “tree of the nations” together.

Some years ago, Christina and I made a decision to decorate our tree with ornaments from different nations and cultures. In the midst of all my travels, I have been able to pick up various ornaments from different countries. In this way, we are not only reminded of God’s heart for the nations during the Christmas season, but we are able to teach our kids to pray and grow a burden for the nations.

It was incredible to see all the ornaments we have collected over the last 10 years.

Then, we placed the star on top of the tree and plugged in the lights as a grand finale. Afterwards, we took pictures to display our creativity.

It is amazing how quickly time passes. Josiah was able to stand in front of the tree and reach the top of the tree. This is another reminder for me to make every moment count because they will soon all grow up and leave our home. I am praying that they will pass down the tradition to their families.
Putting up Ornaments.JPG
Putting up the ornaments from the nations
Finished Tree.JPG
Our tree of the nations
Tree Lights.JPG
Our final product – Josiah decided to be like a star

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