Thanksgiving in Lewisburg

Christina and I were talking and we realized that for some people it was a bit weird when they heard that we were going to spend Thanksgiving with former members. But we have built a great relationship with them over the years. In fact, they were the first couple that we married in our church.

It was great hanging out with Charles and Joyce and their kids. We ate good food, played games and they introduced us to the Wii Fit. I knew that it was working because after a workout game, I found myself breathing really hard.

On Friday they took us out to Bucknell University, where Dr. Charles teaches in the Engineering School. The whole time I was thinking that it would be great to have a church on campus – every campus becomes a mission field for churches to be planted.

We also had the opportunity to hang out with their current pastor and his wife and an elder’s family. We shared each other’s testimonies and marveled at God’s faithfulness. I am always amazed at how Christ brings people together and unites us even though we have only known each other for a few hours.
Kim Families at Bucknell.JPG
In front of the library at Bucknell University
Bucknell Sign.JPG
Our family in front of the Bucknell signage
2008 Thxgiving Football.JPG
What would Thanksgiving be like without a little football
Lewisburg Playground.JPG
The kids had fun at the huge playground
Kim and Kim Families.JPG
The 2 Kim families
The Kids at Lewisburg.JPG
The Kim kids
Kim Kids Walking.JPG
This was one of our favorite pictures

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