Picked Up the Grandparents

Today, I flew out to Chicago (one way) and then picked up my car (I left it here from the Friday fiasco) and I went to pick up my parents to go to Ann Arbor with me. They have graciously volunteered to help watch our kids while we will be going to Kenya, Africa.

It was a great ride back to Ann Arbor – we talked the WHOLE time! Can you believe it? I was just thinking back to my high school days when I did not want to talk with my parents at all. But now that I have gained some perspective and built up some gratitude in my heart for my parents. My dad is in his early 70’s while my mom is in her late 60’s. It just dawn on me that they are getting older.

But they are also young at heart when they see the kids. You should have seen the look on the kids’ faces when we opened the door. The kids love their grandparents, especially KiKi.

Now we will need to spend the next 2 days showing my parents the ropes around the Kim family’s life cycle. It should be interesting.

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