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Jakarta Trip 9.2010 – Update 2

  The last 3.5 days here in Indonesia has been a blessing. I have been overjoyed to see all the familiar faces, as well as meeting some new people here at HMCC-JKT. The church is growing and God’s faithfulness and power are evident as people are experiencing transformation. It really is an excited time and […]

When God Goes Beyond Your Expectations

  Photo on       There is something delightful about being a beneficiary of having your expectations blown away. In fact, it produces instant gratification and a sense of gratitude in your heart. I always experience this when I receive extraordinary customer service or when I am pleasantly surprised by someone. Whenever someone […]

The WHAT Principle

  Photo from istockphoto       I am trying to get back to the basic principles of discipleship. This year, as a church, we are trying to focus (or refocus) on the importance of Jesus’ call to discipleship. Throughout the years, the focus of our church has always been on “transformation.” We will never […]

TEAM Community Summit 8.26.10

  Photo on       Every year, before all the madness begins with the start of the new year’s ministry, all the leaders of our LIFE Groups (small group ministry) and the leaders of our various ministry teams, come together to pray and prepare. I always look forward to this time because I […]

The International Mantle

  Photo on       Starting this Monday, we are going to kick off our International Operation Campus Reach (OCR). For those of you who are not familiar with OCR, every year, we challenge students to sacrifice several days of their summer break to come early to campus. We use the time to […]

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