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Raising Up an Army

  Photo on       For some reason I have been researching on the difference between the U.S. armed services’ system of conscription and recruitment. Don’t ask me why. I think maybe in light of what is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, but I think it is out of pure curiosity and […]

Ashamed of the Gospel?

  Photo on       It was interesting to read what Barna Group recently discovered regarding teenagers (ages 13-17) and evangelism. Not only is the “spirituality” of teenagers slowly waning, but they are less likely to share Christ in their conversations. You can read the whole article here. In Barna’s survey, they specifically […]

Beauty Will Rise

        On May 21st, 2008, Steven Curtis Chapman’s five-year-old daughter, Maria Sue Chapman, was killed in an accident. The hardest thing about this accident was that Maria was accidentally killed by her older brother, as he was driving into the driveway of their home. I can’t even imagine the devastation and the […]

Reminders from Weddings

  Photo on       As a pastor, I have done my fair share of performing wedding ceremonies for couples. I have also attended many weddings just as a guest. In many ways, weddings are pretty similar and standard. Lighting of candles by mothers, the processional, cute kids, the bride, songs, prayer, message, […]

NFL – “Not For Long”

  Photo on       There was a USA Today article the other day that caught my attention. It described how so many NFL (National Football League) players go bankrupt after their career is over. The sobering statistic was that the average football player’s career last only 3.5 years. This means that after […]

The Funny Thing about Labels

  Photo by       I love breaking down people’s preconceived notions of things. I love it when people say, “Pastor Seth, when I first met you, I thought you were….” It is so innate for us to make judgments on people and things just from the externals. This just proves how different […]

The Plight of Procrastination

  Sometimes when there is so much to do, it is easy for us to start feeling overwhelmed. This feeling of burden can cause us to procrastinate. It is always easier to deal with reality “later” rather than sooner. It is easier to do everything else but the important things that you need to do. […]

Reverse Culture Shock

  Photo by Dias Dos Reis       I have always heard about people experiencing “reverse culture shock” when they returned to their primary culture after spending some time away. I never fully comprehended their experience or feelings, even though I went on many missions trips for 3-4 weeks at a time. But now, […]

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