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Recently in my prayer time, God put a phrase in my heart – “Let God do the saving, while you do the serving.” I am constantly reminded of the paradox of God’s Sovereignty and human responsibility. We cannot have one without the other. If we only have one, then it would be like rowing a boat with only one oar – we would go in circles.

Too often we falter in two areas. Either we take all the responsibility on our shoulders and eliminate God from the equation or we get passive and expect God to do everything. But in order to be effective in doing what God has called us to do, we need both.

As I am looking ahead to this coming year, there is an excitement and a momentum that is building within my heart and in our church. We are trying to exercise faith. We believe that God is preparing the harvest field for us. Not only is this in-coming freshman class the largest in the history of University of Michigan, but there will be many new single adults and families coming into the area.

Therefore, as we learn how to sacrifice and do our part by faithfully serving people, God will do His part and save the people.

We cannot get this confused. We do not save anybody. In fact, we cannot by any human means. It has to be the Spirit of God who prepares and prompts people to trust in Christ. We are called to pray and proclaim.

So as we serve, God will save.
I cannot wait to see all that God will do this coming year.

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