The Asian-American Journey

It is really interesting how CNN is doing a special on the Asian-American Journey on their website.

It is estimated that there are close to 13.5 million people from the Asian descent living in the United States. Asian-Americans go through some unique struggles compared to some of the other major minorities in the States. One thing that I always had a hard time accepting is the fact that Asian-American cannot apply for some scholarships that are designated for minorities. The African-Americans and Latinos have access to them but the Asians do not – go figure.

Asians have been called the “model minority” because of what we were able to achieve. They point to the fact that we came to the States with nothing, but now many have obtained the American Dream. People also applaud how quickly we have assimilated to the American culture, even though some have not perfected the English language.

I was thinking to myself – “what legacy do Asians want to leave in American history?” It is my prayer that we will not be known for achieving the American Dream. In fact, sometimes all the pressure of achieving the American Dream has caused a lot of depression and stress for Asians. CNN wrote an article about how there is a link between Asian-American women who are pushed to achieve and suicide.

I pray that the Christians, who are from the Asian descent will be able to leave a legacy of loving God and loving people by doing justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly before God (Micah 6:7).

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