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Every year, before all the madness begins with the start of the new year’s ministry, all the leaders of our LIFE Groups (small group ministry) and the leaders of our various ministry teams, come together to pray and prepare. I always look forward to this time because I love spending time with leaders, especially the new ones. The leaders are always the pacesetters for the church. In the words of the leadership guru, John Maxwell, “everything rises and falls with leadership.”

Therefore, when we have strong leaders, then we will have a strong church. The more equipped the leaders are, the more they will be able to equip others to do the ministry. The more that they are growing in their relationship with God, the more they will be able to help others to grow spiritually.

This is why the investment in the church’s leadership is crucial.

We are at an important juncture in our church. With all the transitions that have occurred recently and with all the new things that God is placing in our church, there is a great need to come together as the leadership of our church to pray and seek God’s face.

We are going to go back to some of the basics of leadership. We’re asking God to transform us in greater ways so that we can become the instruments to bring transformation to others. The anticipation is growing. We are waiting to see where God will take us this year and into the year 2020. The best is yet to come.

Please keep our leadership summit in your prayers for the next couple of days.

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