In the Zone

Monday night is a sacred night for Christina and me. I don’t know how I got hooked on the T.V. show “24” but we love watching the show together and just hanging out – it has been my semi-sabbath throughout the week.

Yesterday, Christina had a meeting with the women’s ministry ladies therefore we decided to record “24” and then watch it together when she got back. In the meantime, I was working on some things for this new sermon series called, Naked.

In the midst of working on things, I got in a zone and totally forgot about recording “24.” It wasn’t until 9:14PM EST when I realized that I forgot to record the show. For those of you who know how “24” works, every single minute counts in this show.

After confessing my error, Christina was very gracious and we watched the 46 minutes of the recorded segment. It wasn’t until this morning when I went on the Fox’s website and click on to the “24” website and read up on the first 14 minutes. The summary was good enough that it didn’t make much of a difference. To show my contrition, I e-mailed Christina the 14 minute summary.

I realized that in some things I have a hard time multi-tasking, especially when I am caught up in God’s Word… but the problem is that Christina wants me to be this focus when she is trying to say things to me as well 🙂

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