Baptism Like None Other

Someone just recently forwarded a YouTube video of a water baptism to me. At first I was a bit skeptical in the e-mail because the person getting baptized was blind and deaf. But after watching it, it messed me up… for some reason in the quietness of my office chair, I started to cry.

First of all, it has been told that the handicapped community is probably one of the most unevangelized people in the world. It makes sense because many of them are asking the question, “how can a loving and good God that you talk about create me in this way?” Therefore, seeing people in this community come to Christ is truly a miracle and a work that only God can do.

Secondly, I was just thinking about my life and the people in our church. As I was watching the video, I could not help but to see the joy and the sense of privilege the man exhibited at his baptism. I would have thought that he won the recent Mega Ball Lottery of the $370 million jackpot.

Why have we lost this sense of joy of knowing Christ? Why do we get complacent in our spiritual journey? Why do you start to get proud and feel as if we don’t need Christ anymore?

As these questions were racing through my mind, I thought about the importance of evangelism. One of the saddest things for Christians is that many Christians will pass away without experiencing the joy of bringing someone to a saving knowledge of Christ. There is no greater experience than to be used of God to see someone enter into the Kingdom of God.

Our Easter baptism is slowly approaching and can you imagine what it would be like when we baptize all the people who have made a decision to follow Christ. We need to start now – even think and pray about the people that we want to bring to this new Naked series on Sundays.

Check out the video here.

Be blessed and may it spark something in your heart for the simplicity of the Gospel message again.

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