A Time to Retreat


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It is hard to believe that God has given me the privilege of serving HMCC for the last 14 years. With all its ups and downs, my heart is filled with gratitude and joy as I think about the many transformations that I have been able to witness because of the power of the Gospel.

After going through seasons of tremendous church growth, I began to experience something that changed the way I view the importance of my spiritual health. Christina started to notice that during April I went through a spiritual funk that lasted for weeks. At first, we really couldn’t pinpoint the cause, but it became more evident that I was just exhausted from a whole year’s worth of intense ministry. After going 100 mph, I just ran into a wall. But I was always able to push through because during the summer, I had to prepare for the various missions trips, which I had to lead.

Everything came to a crash when August rolled around and things started to slow down. It was at this point that I felt a great hunger and a need to get away to just retreat, reflect and refresh before the start of the new school year. After talking to some people, our church was gracious enough to allow me get away to take a personal retreat. Since then, I have been trying to take a personal retreat every year to prepare for the new year of ministry.

Now, with the summer time slowly coming to a close, it is that time of the year again. As I have been trying to transition back to the swing of things after one year in Indonesia, I am feeling the need to retreat and spend some concentrated time with the Lord.

I am praying that as I take a few days to reflect and refresh that God would prepare me for what is ahead. This year will be a very important year for us as a church. Therefore, as I retreat away, I am expecting God to speak. When I get back, I can’t wait to share the revelations and insights with the rest of the HMCC churches. Please keep me in your prayers.

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