The 2008 Year Reflection

As I take some time to reflect on this past year, my heart is filled with praise for God’s faithfulness and favor. I had an opportunity to look over all my blog post for the 2008 year and I realized that God has been good.

So often when we don’t write things down, we forget about all the ways in which God worked in our lives. A lot has happened within the past 365 days of the year. For this, I am truly thankful.

Here are some key highlights for 2008:

• Following through on my commitment to run 2-miles a day

• Our first-ever Global ACCESS retreat (our international ministry)

• The Miracle Sunday Offering that went beyond our expectations

• Purchasing our first permanent property for the church

• Reconnecting with alumni in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia

• Hung out with close friends discussing the topic of God’s Kingdom

• Planting HMCC of Austin

• Planting HMCC of Chicago at the UIC site

• Going to a Cubs game in Atlanta with the family (thanks Pastor Matt and JCA)

• Finishing off the renovation and having our first Sunday Celebration in our new building

• Burying the prayers cards in the grounds of our property

• Resurrection of my Twitter account

• Announcing to the church that our family will be leaving for Indonesia for one year

• Our undergraduate retreat

• Missions Week with Pastor Paul Liu

• Our first African-American president

• Prequel of the T.V. show “24”

• Visiting former members in Lewisburg for Thanksgiving

• Finalizing the Jakarta team and having our first meeting

• Witnessing transformed lives at our baptism ceremony

This New Year will be filled with greater things.