Underestimated But Undeterred

I don’t know if you have ever been underestimated for anything, but it is the best position to be in at times. The reason? Well, just watch this video first (CLICK TWICE).

Some observations:

1) We all judge things by the externals and sometimes we don’t get it completely right. Just check out the girl’s face at the 1:24 time mark… it probably expresses what everyone was feeling in that room. It was awesome seeing the judges’ faces when she belted out the first few notes.

2) It is humbling when we have our prejudices and judgments exposed. Sometimes it easy to hide behind facades; but when our true feelings get exposed, then we are able to judge ourselves and see what’s in our hearts.

3) Never stop dreaming. I thought it was interesting that she decided to sing, “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables. Often times people will laugh at your dreams because dreams are things that seem too far-fetched. But that is the beauty of dreams! When it is birthed in our hearts, many people will not believe it or support it. This is when we have to keep on pressing on and not let the dream die. Too many people have died without their dreams coming to pass because they listened to their critics.

4) We all respond to underdogs. As she was singing the first few lines, you can tell that everyone was now on her side, rooting for her. There is something about underdog stories that hit a chord with everyone, regardless of age, nationality or culture. Something caused everyone to stand up during the performance… it must have been a hope realized. Isn’t this the Gospel message?

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